Monday, August 21, 2006

.Net enterprise Library and other fun stuff

Top of the morning and happy Monday to all. Today I am going to throw a link out there and then talk a little bit about this space in general. So here is the link:
The topic today is the .net enterprise library and some of the cools stuff you can do with it in .net 2.0 with regard to database calls. Some of this stuff you may already know and may even be using already. If you are or have any experience with it, please post your findings. I am a little concerned with the mention of a performance hit you get when using this as opposed to doing database calls the old fashion way and even a little more concerned with the answer given by the architect when asked about it. But again, I think that is where the feedback from people who have used it will come in handy. You will notice it is at the sqlservercentral site that requires you to sign up for, which I know is a pain, but I really think it is worth it.

On a less technical note, please feel free to post comments and leave feedback. Also, if you have questions or need help with something you can email me by going to my profile and then clicking the email link. In addition, if you have a topic that you would like addressed or if you would like to talk about a topic please let me know. I would be happy to have guest bloggers who post when they feel they have a topic.

And lastly, in this day and age and with the technological breakthroughs we have seen in the last decade, do we really still need the fax machine and if so don't you think we could do away with the annoying connections screaming/beeping/static thing that it does each time it connects. Sorry to digress, but I can hear the receptionist sending them and it just made me wonder.

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