Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year

So I thought I would drop a note to say happy new year and to announce a change to this blog. So in that order, Happy New Year! I hope all of your wants and dreams are realized this year or at the very least, become a step closer. As for the blog, I really want and need (therapist's orders) to write on a daily basis but the fact of the matter is there just isn't enough database related material to blog about every day. And frankly, even if there was it would surely drive you nuts. I think that there are many other things in life that warrant some discussion and by limiting the topic to data, I am really robbing us of the chance to get to the root of some issues. OK, so that might be a little dramatic, but hopefully you know what I am saying.

I felt the need to announce this change because I know I lured some of you here via an email sent through the corporate email system. As this will no longer be solely "database related" I thought I should let you know. I hope you are able to keep reading and I hope that by moving back to a daily forum we can elicit more comments and more discussions. The idea behind the blog was to provide a forum of discussion on database topics. To this point, it has been pretty one sided but I think that has to do with the topics. So maybe straying from the database from time to time will encourage people to comment.

Again, if there are any database related topics that you have questions about or would like covered, please let me know. I do plan to spend a little time in the next week talking about business logic and business rules and the application of both as they relate to the database. So if you have any specific questions on those topics, let me know. Once again, I wish all of you a truly happy new year and a great 2007.


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