Tuesday, March 27, 2007

no more data help

Hey all,
Sorry for the long absence. I have been going through a job change recently and I couldn't say anything about it until it went public. I am sure you are saying something like "Great, congratulations, now get on with the data help stuff". I am sorry to say that my new job takes me away from the world of database architecture and places me squarely in the middle of the business itself. As much as I love data, I think I can be of more help on the business side of the business. To most of the readers of this blog, moving from technology to business is about as foreign an idea as....well as......as something that is really a foreign idea(They say creativity is the first thing to go). If you are a reader of this blog for reasons other than the fabulous technical insight(I forget which post I gave that in, but search through the archives, you are sure to come across it), you will be happy to know that I will still be writing, just not on data.

My new site is No PhD Needed which is derived from a rant like post I did on this site some time ago. The discussion will be a little more lively and not quite as safe as they have been here, but that is the intent. I invite you all to stop by and hope you do soon. Thanks for you support over the last several months. I wish you the best and look forward to seeing you at the new site.

Enjoy your day!

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