Wednesday, October 18, 2006


OK, I am back and hopefully will not have to take that kind of leave of absence again. Truth be told, I used the project as an excuse to not have to do the blog thing so much. A blog is one of those things that you really have to be motivated to do. And like anything in life, it abides by the law of the universe that states when you don't have a blog you will get all of these really great articles and problems that you want to tell the world about but not have a blog and when you start the blog the articles and problems will dry up like....I don't know, something that dries up fast, like a sponge or something. See that's what I am talking about, some days it is hard to come up with analogies, let alone a whole blog post. So hearkening back to a post I wrote a while back, I was inspired by a problem that led me back here.

I was sent an email from my arch nemesis the evil James Wick (Jim isn't really evil and he is most certainly not my arch nemesis but I thought it added some drama that might otherwise be absent), regarding an error message they were getting at a customer site. Now our hero ( again with the drama) realized that he had seen this error before and checked the many usual places he keeps his superhero (I figure if I am going to be a hero, why not a super one) answers to questions and problem but alas, it was no where to be found. Fortunately for our hero his side kick (the one that really does all of the work but gets none of the credit) super google came to the rescue. Google was able to locate the answer to my question by pointing me back to my own blog of all places. A simple check of the date and I was able to find the post that encapsulated my answer and the answer that would eventually save the lives of millions of Innocent people (OK, OK I'll stop with the drama, it didn't really save any ones life).

Actually what I was able to do was kill a couple of birds with one stone; how messed up is that, killing birds with stones and getting more credit the more you kill....but I digress. I was able to send Jim the link to the post so he could solve the problem. This of course reminded him to check the blog from time to time because it might actually have something useful in it. This in turn inspired me to write in the blog because even if it isn't the most widely read blog in the webospherical universe, it might come in handy some day. So I will do my best to keep on it, at least posting a couple of times a week. In addition, comments are also very motivational and anything you would like to know about or have questions about that would help guide me would be most appreciated.

Thanks for you time and enjoy your day.

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