Friday, January 19, 2007

Is anyone reading this?

So I need some help/advice/encouragement. Is anyone reading this? I ask only because I have no idea who is or isn't reading this. I have tried almost everything I can think of to get comments or questions to no avail. So I figure the best way to figure it out is to ask. In addition if you could let me know what you would like to hear about, that would be great. I'm ok if there isn't a lot of interest in this, I have another blog where I can rant about anything so I have an outlet. So you can be honest. In fact you can be honest without leaving your name so it should work out well.

Thanks for your help.


"One of the lessons of history is that nothing is often a good thing to do and always a clever thing to say."
-Will Durant


Anonymous said...

I read and enjoy your entries. I don't comment much because your topics tend to cover areas that I am unfamiliar with and I don't want to say something that is wrong or inaccurate. I have used your blog (bulk copy specifically) as a technical resource and find your non-technical rants fun and interesting. Your personality comes through well in your conservational grammar as well. Keep up the good work, or else link to your other blog. Thanks for your effort.

Doctor S said...

Even though this is an old post, I would like to add that I do read and enjoy the posts here. I don't read every day, but when I do it's enlightening or at the very least entertaining.
Keep it up.